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To Improve The Chances of Getting Pregnant – Best Sex Timing and Position


To improve the chances of getting pregnant isn’t as easy as preventing pregnancy because you have to know how to set the right time to have sex.  After stop using any contraception, here are 5 easy steps you can follow to improve the chances of getting pregnant.

1. Knowing  your ovulation period
Most women’s menstrual cycle is 28 days, so the ovulation usually occurs on day 14. Of course not every woman has an exact 28 days cycle.  You might ovulate on day 10 or on day 17, depending on the length of your cycle.  When you are not sure of this, you may use body temperature kits or ovulation kits to predict your ovulation period.

Normally your body gives you some specific signs on your most fertile time such as cervical mucus discharge that resembles clear raw egg white.  This fluid helps sperms to survive in your body and to reach the egg more safely and effectively.

2. Timing When to Have Sex
To improve the chances of getting pregnant, it best if you have regular sex twice a week, and have a lot of it 2-3 days before your ovulation period, because this is your most fertile time and before the egg is being released.  Remember that sperm can survive for 3 days, but the egg has only 24 hours to live.

3. Enjoy your sex life
Couples who are trying hard to conceive tend to forget to have fun and enjoy their love makings.  Many experts say that women who experience orgasm during sex can easily pull the sperm deeper into the uterus.  This condition can boost the chances of conceiving.

4. Sex Positions
There some are evidences that some sex positions can naturally help increase conception.  This is due the fact that gravity plays a good role in making sperm swim easily to where it needs to go.  The missionary style, where the man is on top is the most recommended position. After love makings, don’t get up immediately, to allow the sperm to stay in for as long as possible.  Of course in order to get pregnant it is possible to choose any position you like as long as both of you enjoy and can spice up the fun.

5. Stay relaxed and minimize mental stress
Fertility experts found that mental stress can affect the reproductive system in the body, depress your immune system, raise your blood pressure and alter your hormonal function. And the most important thing is, stress can prevent both of you from enjoying the time of anticipation and pleasure.  Go to a lovely place, have a romantic dinner or giving good massage to each other can help you to energize your love life and forget the burden of working hard in conceiving.

To improve the chances of getting pregnant can be a lot easier if you are in a good mental and physical health.

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